Extreme Wash- Not available to send

  • Heavy Duty Vehicle Wash
  • Streak free result.
  • Designed for trucks and heavy machinery.


$13.95 +GST



SelectValet provide a professional mobile vehicle valet service in New Zealand, we offer a complete range of services for cars, vans, 4wds, utes, trucks, buses, boats & motorbikes – from a quick car wash to a complete carpet & upholstery shampoo, from one seat to a full groom, from regular grooming to getting a vehicle ready for sale.

The key to a professional vehicle valet job is the hard work, and the right equipment, after years of researching, developing and test manufacturing, we have found the ultimate solution.

  • SelectValet Extreme Wash is designed to clean variety of surfaces in a traditional wash method.
  • Heavy duty Solution allows to clean the surfaces faster and easier.
  • It is designed to use for trucks and heavy machinery.
  • It is safe for most of the surfaces.

Cleaning Tip:

  • Always dry your vehicle properly to prevent water spotting.
  • Always use clean, premium wash mitt to wash your vehicle.
  • Wash the vehicle from top to bottom, and wash the wheels at last, to prevent scratches.

We enjoy the traditional car wash method like everybody else, this is the solution for super dirty surfaces.

SelectValet only recommend good quality microfiber cloth to dry the vehicle.

Always read the label before use, and always wear gloves when handling chemicals.

It comes in 500ML